Everything Is 0K

Seriously… not again… it’s another ongoing war. I hope you’re aware that there are two commonly used temperature scales, Celsius and Fahrenheit, even though you’ll probably only ever use one of them. But perhaps there are other scales that dare step up and take the challenge?

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A (Qu)Bit More

Two weeks ago we embarked on a little adventure to find out more about quantum computing. Last week I was busy being bombarded by hail atop a mountain for four days. Today, we finally continue on our quest. The first one, not the camping.

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Any Way the Wind Blows

The Earth sadly contains limited resources, one of which is fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are formed over hundreds of millions of years from the remains of dead organisms, which have decomposed under a variety of temperatures and pressures. We are using fossil fuels at a quicker rate than they can be formed naturally, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we are going to run out of fossil fuels sometime in the near future.

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