Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

…which of the symmetries hold at all? The universe is a curious place and cosmologists endeavour to contain this curiosity into one theory. Or maybe two, if they’re unlucky.

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Beam Me Up

When you hear the word laser, does your mind tend to divert to some futuristic menacing-looking deathstar-type machinery that is intent on destroying the planet? Or perhaps you think of those fragile laser pointers you used to use as a child to toy with your pet cat? Thankfully our timeline does not involve Dark Lords bent on mass destruction, and has progressed significantly beyond the technology of cheap, novelty items. Lasers in the modern world are used in almost all devices and make up a large part of scientific research. We are only just beginning to harness their true power. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe George Lucas has a point…

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Versatile Blogger Award

A long, yet insightful five months later, I can scarcely believe that we are still here every week writing about science. We write about what we find truly stimulating and exciting, and it is something I hope we are able to continue doing as long as we possibly can. What surprises me more is that fact that you people out there bother to click on our posts and read them, let alone appreciate them.

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