The God Particle

A couple of years ago a panic arose from the public about the experiments taking place at CERN, due to the amount of energy involved with the collisions. Lots of people thought that the LHC would generate a miniature black hole, consuming the Earth and all of us with it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any black holes out of the collider, but we did find a nifty little particle.

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The Particle Zoo

The weather is looking good, so it’s a perfect day to take a trip to the zoo. Which zoo, you ask? In preparation for the deeper exploration into CERN‘s research next week, it seems appropriate to visit the Particle Zoo!

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Turtles All the Way Down

In terms of the technical understanding of our local vicinity in the universe, we’ve advanced quite a bit since ye olde times. Through constant theorising, gathering data, and more theorising, we have gradually built a more foundationally solid picture of the universe we live in. However, even now in this period of technological prosperity, there is still so much we are yet to discover and harness, so much that has yet to be explored. Only by harnessing the power of hindsight (oh, what a wonderful thing) do we look back on scientists and astronomers alike, believing that they were complete madmen for thinking the things they thought. But do we really know any better?

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