1. Rise of the Algorithm
  2. Return of the Algorithm

Gravitational Waves

  1. Surfing Gravity’s Waves
  2. A Window to the Universe

Quantum Mechanics

  1. Quantum of Energy
  2. Dead and Alive
  3. Un-measuring a Photon

Quantum Computing

  1. The Dawn of Quantum Computing
  2. A (Qu)Bit More


  1. The Driving Force of All Nature
  2. The World’s First and Foremost Medicine


  1. Far, Far Away…
  2. She’s So Lovell-y
  3. Very Interesting Post

Nuclear Fusion

  1. Let’s Go Fusion
  2. Hot Doughnuts
  3. Caution: Laser May Disintegrate Face

Black Holes

  1. Holey Terror
  2. Big, Bigger, Biggest
  3. Hawking Radiation


  1. Cha0s
  2. Flutter By