I’m a Survivor

I have a friend who used to smoke. ‘Oh… yeah,’ he would say, whilst I’d watch the weight of day-to-day struggles being lifted off his shoulders. I’d shoot him a disapproving look as the palpable odour would waft its way towards me.

‘What? My grandpa smoked virtually every day and he lived to be ninety-one.’

What was wrong with his logic though? Maybe his family has a good gene pool? Or maybe his grandpa was just one of the few exceptions? We’re not that far off from the truth.

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Walking on Sunshine

The Sun – you might think we’d know quite a lot about this thing already, given how important it is for the sustaining of life on Earth, and well… given just how noticeable it is in the sky. All throughout history, the Sun has represented a cornerstone in mythology, worshipped (and rightly so) by many civilisations. Over the past two weeks we’ve started to scrape away at the surface of what there is to understand about the Sun, but the simple truth is that, despite our everlasting efforts, there’s so much more yet to uncover about this mystical being.

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Plane Sailing

The festive Christmas period is only just easing to an end and you’ve already begun teasing the thought of flying away to a warm summer destination for your next vacation. Perhaps Dubai, or maybe even Hawaii? I can see the drool starting to gather at the corners of your mouth. I’m drooling too, but maybe not for the same reason…

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