Plugged In

The list of solutions to the Fermi paradox is effectively endless. For all we know we’re being watched by a giant spaghetti monster. Here are a few more to spice up your tea.

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Flutter By

It certainly has been a while since I last wrote about chaos. Perhaps you could say I’ve been a little… unpredictable? Maybe the seemingly inconsequential decision of a certain someone on one side of the world, having read the post and enjoyed it, to not give the post a like (yes, I’m looking at you) somehow had the net effect of delaying me writing this one on the opposite side of the world. Or maybe I’m just incredibly unorganised… nah, it can’t possibly be the latter.

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Hold Your Balance

I remember when I was a lot younger, I used to fall over constantly. I’d come home everyday to a mother shocked at discovering yet another graze on my leg. I’m not sure if I was just a wild brawler back in the day, or simply didn’t quite have an aligned center of mass. I’m gonna guess it was probably the latter. You know, maybe I wouldn’t have toppled over as much if I’d been shaped more like a gömböc…

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