Reboot of the Algorithm

Take a brief trip down through the archives of the Nexus, back to the times when we first ventured on our mighty quest, and you will stumble across a few posts covering the idea of artificial intelligence. In particular, these were in reference to the AlphaGo program that, at the time, had become known and relevant through beating the Go world champion, Lee Sedol. Although little for popular consumption has surfaced since then, today I am happy to announce that I am setting the AI ball rolling back into action, with recent news concerning the arrival of an even more adept sibling…

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Rise of the Algorithm

The world has been stunned in recent weeks by the incredible performance of Aja Huang in a monumental five-game competition of the board game Go. Merely an amateur at the game in comparison to world champion Lee Sedol, Huang boldly challenged the Go master, placing $1 million at stake. If Huang was victorious, he would graciously donate the money to charity; if he was defeated, all the money would be given to Sedol. What an insanely audacious move by Aja Huang! How did he possibly expect to overcome the grandmaster at this extremely complex and intricate game?

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