Hawking Radiation

Alright this will be my final post on black holes, I promise. Unless you want more, that is? Actually that’s a silly question, of course you’d like more. But unfortunately you’re not getting any, so make sure you savour this one. It’s going to be… astronomical… (I’ll see myself out).

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North and South

There was a time in primary school when we were first introduced to the curious object that is the bar magnet. Instead of paying attention to actual mechanics behind magnetism, more often than not were we competing to see who could force the north poles of two magnets to touch each other. But what these lessons had taught us are that magnets are indeed curious objects.

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The Photoelectric Effect

1905 was a great year for Einstein. A miraculous year, you might say. In fact it was so miraculous that it was coined Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis, Latin for ‘miracle year’. The reason why? He published not one, not two, not three, but four revolutionary papers that toppled the perspectives of matter, space and time during his generation. Few scientists are able to publish one revolutionary paper in their lifetime, much less four.

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