Tick Tock

Timekeeping. How could such a mighty power be exploited by a device as diminutive as a quartz wristwatch, to a remarkable degree of accuracy? Today we will break open one of said watches (through writing, of course), and see what lies inside.

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It’s Simple (HM)

Have you ever done that trick where you dip your finger into a glass of wine and then proceed to glide said finger around the rim of the wine glass, producing a high-pitched ring? Well I certainly haven’t because I never drink wine, it’s absolutely vile. However, I’m willing to excuse it for today because the effect is kinda interesting, I suppose.

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Get Cracking!

In February earlier this year, Yanhao, a few other people and myself attended a national physics competition (ooh I know, fancy) in London hosted by the Weizmann Institute of Science. This competition required the teams to design and build a safe which would be able to be cracked using various physics principles. For example, the ‘crackers’ may have to construct an electromagnet using various materials in order to attract an object, and this could open the safe or something.

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