The Arrow of Time

Last week I explored the idea of time irreversibility in the universe. Our laws of physics are invariant over a T-transformation; whatever a particle does is not affected by whether it is moving forwards or backwards in time. Yet why do we still see an obvious ‘arrow of time’ in real life?

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Pig Latin

A while ago Yanhao sent me this rather amusing drawing he found, in the hope that I might be able to understand it better than he did, seeing as I have had considerably more experience when it comes to the language that is Latin. Yes, I took Latin for A-level. No, that was not a joke. It’s not funny, stop laughing.

By going through what the image actually entails, I thought I’d be able to share with you today the joys of Latin. Perhaps you can go share it with your friends and wow them with your amazing knowledge of a few Latin phrases.

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