Hey, Fever!

At the moment I write this post my eyes are swollen, my nose is itchy and leaking, my floor is littered with crumpled up tissues, and I lay in my bed squinting at the brightness of the screen. I reach over to my bedside table to grab another tissue but… disaster strikes. There are no more. An oozy sneeze escapes my mouth, mocking my misfortunes. Oh, how I do love summer. Why is it that at this time of the year so many people mutate into snotty, swollen creatures? It seems like some kind of cruel practical joke so that we unlucky few are unable to fully enjoy our summer vacation.

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Deal with it.

I thought I’d continue writing on the rather uplifting theme of summer and talk about another seasonal essential item. No, it’s not flip-flops, although they are definitely a must-have to complete your summer look. Unfortunately this is not a fashion blog, otherwise that’s probably what I’d be writing about. Today I will be exploring the science behind shades. Just deal with it.

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