Highway Engineering

You are delegated the task of designing a new motorway system to connect three towns that form the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. All you must do is connect the towns in such a way that you use the minimal length of motorway.

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Down to Earth

It’s currently the summer holidays, and we must follow in the steps of the ‘cool’ kids and go outside and ‘socialise’ (pfft what is that?). That means, of course, that we see a screening of Finding Dory.

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Resistance Is Futile

I will bravely assume that any electrical apparatus in your household does not have a 100% energy efficiency, i.e. the useful energy you obtain is less than the energy you put in. It is obviously preferred to have 100% efficiency because not only do you get more out of your money, but it also saves more fossil fuels, a finite resource. Energy inefficiency is an issue that has plagued the civilisation for centuries, and scientists strive to find ways of obtaining maximum efficiency wherever possible.

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