A Whirling Showerthought

Alright hear me out here. I am personally of the opinion that taking a shower can be quite a precarious task. One small misstep onto a particularly lubricated surface? Suddenly you’re toppling to your unfortunate demise. Apply too much shampoo? Suddenly you’re rendered sightless and at the mercy of all those malicious shower monsters that only strike when you foolishly close your eyes (you know the ones I’m talking about). And as if I couldn’t make it any more obvious, the very curtains whose purpose it is to shield you from the outside world whilst you are in your most vulnerable state… will actively attack you. I can see why horror film directors have such a proclivity towards showers.

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I’m a Survivor

I have a friend who used to smoke. ‘Oh… yeah,’ he would say, whilst I’d watch the weight of day-to-day struggles being lifted off his shoulders. I’d shoot him a disapproving look as the palpable odour would waft its way towards me.

‘What? My grandpa smoked virtually every day and he lived to be ninety-one.’

What was wrong with his logic though? Maybe his family has a good gene pool? Or maybe his grandpa was just one of the few exceptions? We’re not that far off from the truth.

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Don’t Stop Me Now

As computers become ever more capable in the modern technological era, we begin to ponder whether there could possibly exist problems that we will never be able to solve. I can already think of a couple off the top of my head such as “Will my parents ever be proud of me?”, but we prefer not to deal with such saddening topics on this blog. It turns out that, yes, there are. Even given an infinite amount of computational power at our fingertips and an unlimited amount of time to perform the computation, there are certain problems that an algorithm is quite simply incapable of solving using the rules of logic. And personally I don’t find too much issue with this fact because there are some things I don’t really want to know the answers to… *sobs internally*

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