Caution: Laser May Disintegrate Face

Two weeks ago I explored the first of the two major approaches to nuclear fusion, magnetic confinement fusion. Today I return with the second approach, arguably less technologically impressive – inertial confinement fusion. It uses lasers though. Who doesn’t love lasers?

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Hot Doughnuts

Nuclear fusion, although currently industrially unviable, is a promising source of energy with the potential to meet the deficiency left by the future depletion of fossil fuels. Scientists from across the world are collaborating to turn this theory into reality.

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Let’s Go Fission

We, as living creatures, rely upon the well-being of planet Earth for our own survival. A quick glance at the news and one will notice that we’re not doing such a great job at keeping ol’ Mother Nature healthy. Global warming this, pollution that – we’re not very good guests, are we? I say this, but it’s actually very difficult for our bustling, resource-reliant society to function without the things that do harm to the environment. Our only hope is to constantly be on the lookout for more efficient, cleaner methods that we will be able to sustain into the future. And, as always, science is the way forwards.

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