Sound of Cocoa

What better way to wind down after a long hard winter’s day than by slumping into your favourite chair with your hands wrapped snugly around a nice warm mug of hot chocolate? Today we will be looking at something coined as the ‘hot chocolate effect’. And no, this is not the amazing effect it has on your taste buds and mood, although that can be considered equally as fascinating.
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The Brazil Nut Effect

Perhaps you’ve been working for a long period of time and you’re suddenly craving some nuts. Oh, how convenient, there happens to be a container of mixed nuts next to you. But as you open the lid, you make a horrifying discovery – all those large, pesky Brazil nuts have wormed their way to the top (unless you love Brazil nuts in which case it will be a more pleasing discovery).

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How Nobel

Everyone has a goal and objective in life which they strive for. Bankers, money. Celebrities, fame. Footballers, well, literal goals. However, I believe that we humble scientists rarely set foot in such trivial pursuits. Our aim on this planet is to contribute to the incredible discoveries and ideas of the scientific community, and hopefully have some fun along the way. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll happen to revolutionise the world…

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